Positive Patient Identification

It’s simple to be safe.

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Protecting your patients is a priority. Technology delivers accurate, reliable results. Our data collection solutions make it easy to prevent medication errors, track the flow of information and specimens from bedside, and expedite communication that enhances the quality of care.

Protecting Your Patients

Get it right. Make it easy.

TPI specializes in healthcare technology that rises to your complex challenges. Our experience, knowledge, expertise, and network of proven experts enables us to customize a positive patient identification system that provides the protection you need, and the workforce productivity you want:
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Compatible with multiple nursing informatics
  • Purpose-built for the rugged demands of a healthcare environment
  • Enterprise-class features that include security, communications, connectivity, and data capture
  • Future-proof to accommodate growth and changes
  • FDA-compliant

With TPI, our expertise lets you focus on yours!

The path to PPID

As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, TPI incorporates innovative, visionary devices and supplies that are designed specifically for healthcare.

ZD510-HC wristband printer

ZD510-HC Wristband Printer

Patient safety starts with the wristband. This Zebra purposebuilt printer is easy to operate: just drop in a cartridge and follow the prompts. The ZD510-HC automatically calibrates to the cartridge’s wristband size. No assembly required. The ZD510-HC is compatible with all of the leading ADT systems and includes a medical-grade power supply.



Zebra’s Z-Bands feature an antimicrobial coating to protect your patients. Available in infant, pediatric, and adult, these polypropylene wristbands are designed for maximum comfort and durability, with resistance to water and common cleaners and solvents used in hospitals.

TC51-HC mobile computer

TC51-HC Mobile Computer

As sleek as a smartphone with the ruggedness and advanced features of an enterprise-class handheld computer, the TC51- HC is customized to meet healthcare needs (cleanable plastic casing, covered screw holes and seams to prevent germs). Zebra has incorporated secure text messaging, the power to run multiple voice and data apps at once with blazing speed, one-touch access to commonly used apps, and the durability to survive 4-foot drops on concrete. The TC51-HC is FIPS 140- 2 validated ad TAA-compliant.

Workforce Connect PTT

Workforce Connect PTT

Push-To-Talk instantly connects your staff for faster communication, collaboration, and decision-making—a key element in PPID. Add Workforce Connect PTT to your Zebra mobile computers and talk to one person or an entire group.

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