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The ALR-9780 is a field-tested, EPC RFID smart-reader with support for both EPC Class 1 Generation 1 and Generation 2 tags, ensuring easy compliance with evolving retail and government RFID mandates.

Supports both EPC Gen 1 and Gen 2

The ALR-9780 provides both EPC Class 1 Gen 1 support and Gen 2 support. Field-upgradeable firmware enables ongoing support for popular, EPC Gen 2 compliant tags.

Field -Tested, Widely-Supported Software Interface

The ALR-9780 is supported by a wide range of RFID middleware, WMS and enterprise software platforms. Software integration is implemented through the use of royalty-free Java and .NET libraries found in a well-documented Software Developer’s Kit. Alien RFID Gateway software allows immediate testing and development work to begin.

Developer's Kit Includes:

  • ALR-9780 Reader and ALR-9610 antenna
  • Hardware Setup Guide
  • Reader Interface Guide with API Definitions
  • Hardware Technical Specification
  • Sample source code
  • Royalty-free Java and Visual Basic libraries
  • Antennas, tags and accessories
  • Alien RFID Gateway test and development software

Network Ready and Easy to Configure

The ALR-9780 is easy and inexpensive to install and operate. Configuration is accomplished locally via serial port or remotely via the LAN with XML-packaged commands or a human-readable ASCII interface.

Configurable Options Include:

  • Filtering on whole or partial tag ID
  • Elimination of redundant IDs
  • Reads triggered by external event or software command
  • Data configured in XML, ASCII or custom format
  • Event notification by LAN, I/O signal, or email

Single Antenna per Read Point for Low Hardware Cost

The ALR-9780 requires only one antenna per read point. Each antenna serves as both sender and receiver, eliminating the need for costly dual-element antennas and reducing hardware costs by up to several hundred dollars per installation.

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